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Loading Dock Lights

Polycarbonate High Pressure Sodium Head

Revolutionary, high impact polycarbonate heads are ready to take on the abuse of industrial use. They will not dent, bend, or break, and they stay cool to the touch for easy positioning.


  • Available on Adjustable Single Strut SDL, Double Strut DL, Adjustable Double Strut DSDL
  • All dock light styles available with polycarbonate high pressure sodium head
  • 500 equivalent watts of power
  • 24,000 hours of lamp life with only 50 watts of energy use
  • Includes light diffuser and bulb
  • Economical and efficient
  • Cool to the touch


The Polycarbonate High Pressure Sodium Lamp Head is utilized in areas that require illumination for the loading and unloading of material from trailers, rail cars, trucks, and in all dock facilities, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and hospitals.

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